Thursday, 14 April 2011

I Am Number Four (2011)

There's a seemingly increasing interested in alien species, visiting earth lately, with Battle for LA, and Green Lantern looking like the most promising of this recurring theme. I Am Number Four is like the fat kid in the playground who tries to join in with the fitter children.

The film slowly explains the story of a seemingly 'normal' teenager played by Alex Pettyfer, attempting to live out his life as a normal American teenager would. Or at least what the classical stereotypes permit as being 'normal'.

The special effects in this movie are probably all it has going for it. And there's not a huge amount of that going on, as the plot drags on and repeats itself through the beginning and middle of the film. And I can't say much for the acting either.

It's a rather bland and disappointing representation of what could be an interesting storyline. A mystical alien race seeking refuge on earth from a rival race of Magadorians who have apparently conquered their home-planet of  Lorien.

In an absolute Twilight cliche the protagonist is love struck with his high-school sweetheart played by Dianna Agron. And he is hunted by his opposing race. The film picks up near the end with some much anticipated action. But the fight scenes are largely predictable. Although the special effects make it only just worthwhile.

I Am Number Four is dry and tasteless, but it could have been so much more, perhaps the book is a substantial improvement...